Is Sky Bet on GamStop?

For any avid sports enthusiast who enjoys making their viewing experiences a little more interesting, Sky Bet is a familiar name. But is it part of GamStop, the self-exclusion scheme for UK online gamblers? In this comprehensive guide, we delve into this important question.


Brief on Sky Bet

Sky Bet is a popular online betting platform, primarily known for its sports betting options. From football to horse racing, this platform has become a go-to destination for betting enthusiasts.

The GamStop Discussion

For those unfamiliar with it, GamStop is a self-exclusion scheme for gamblers in the UK. The question of whether Sky Bet is part of this scheme is pertinent to individuals wanting to control their betting habits.

What is Sky Bet?

History of Sky Bet

Sky Bet, established in 2001, has been serving sports betting enthusiasts for two decades. It's owned by Flutter Entertainment, a major player in the global gambling industry.

Popular Offerings

From offering a diverse array of sports betting markets to live betting options and attractive promotions, Sky Bet has an appealing proposition for its users.

What is GamStop?

Purpose of GamStop

GamStop is an online self-exclusion scheme, launched to provide support to individuals dealing with gambling issues in the UK.

How GamStop Works

When an individual registers with GamStop, they choose a period of exclusion during which they will be unable to access gambling websites and apps run by companies licensed in Great Britain.

The Sky Bet and GamStop Connection

Sky Bet's Position

Yes, Sky Bet is part of GamStop. As a responsible operator licensed by the UK Gambling Commission, Sky Bet is obliged to be part of this self-exclusion scheme.

User Experiences

Once you register with GamStop, your betting account with Sky Bet will be closed for the period of your self-exclusion.

How to Register with GamStop

The Registration Process

Registering with GamStop is a straightforward process. You need to provide a few personal details, choose the exclusion period, and confirm your agreement.

Length of Exclusion

You can choose your exclusion period from six months, one year, or up to five years.

Effect of GamStop on Sky Bet Users

During the Exclusion Period

During your self-exclusion period, you won't be able to log in or create a new account with Sky Bet.

After the Exclusion Period

Once your self-exclusion period ends, you need to ask GamStop to lift the ban. Only then will you regain access to Sky Bet.

What If You Are Already Registered with GamStop and Want to Bet on Sky Bet?

Navigating the Restriction

If you are under GamStop's self-exclusion but wish to bet, consider seeking professional help for gambling concerns. Bypassing GamStop to gamble may worsen any existing issues.

Other Alternatives

There are a few online betting sites not registered with GamStop. However, their use should be considered cautiously, especially for those with gambling issues.

GamStop and Other Betting Sites

General Compliance

Most UK-based gambling sites, like Sky Bet, are part of GamStop as a regulatory requirement.

Non-GamStop Betting Sites

There are several betting sites not on GamStop, most of which are licensed outside the UK.


In conclusion, Sky Bet is part of GamStop, demonstrating their commitment to promoting responsible gambling. Those who wish to control their gambling habits can consider self-exclusion through GamStop.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is Sky Bet a member of GamStop?

Yes, Sky Bet is a member of GamStop.

If I'm registered with GamStop, can I still bet on Sky Bet?

No, if you're registered with GamStop, you won't be able to bet on Sky Bet during your self-exclusion period.

Can I cancel my GamStop registration to bet on Sky Bet?

No, once registered, you cannot cancel your GamStop registration until the end of the chosen period.

Are there any betting sites not on GamStop?

Yes, there are some betting sites not on GamStop, but they're mostly licensed outside the UK.

Is it easy to register with GamStop?

Yes, the registration process with GamStop is quite straightforward and user-friendly.

What happens when my GamStop exclusion period ends?

After your GamStop exclusion period ends, you must request GamStop to lift the ban before you can access Sky Bet.

Can I set a deposit limit on Sky Bet instead of self-excluding via GamStop?

Yes, Sky Bet allows you to set deposit limits as another form of responsible gambling control.